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We help our clients formulate and put into action new and revised policies and regulations that fit today's dynamic markets. Our work is discreet, yet scalable and replicable.


Regulations, and the policies and procedures that support them, have undeniable “best before” dates. While there is no such thing as perfect future-proofing, the majority of regulations were designed before this was even a consideration. This has resulted in some cumbersome, obsolete, and often ineffective rules which in turn can frustrate, confuse and cause unintended consequences in important sectors and markets.


With sometimes limited resources available to effect the right changes in the right places and in a swift manner, governments and agencies can benefit from our Policy and Regulatory Development services. We are here to help expedite progressive policy and regulation that closes potential market gaps and protects both consumers and business.

We help our clients formulate and put into action new and revised policies and regulations that fit today's dynamic markets. Our work is scalable and replicable.


We all rely on properly functioning markets. Businesses have reputations to secure, customers to satisfy, and prospective customers to attract. Consumers need sustainable competition, purchasing assurance, and backstop powers if transactions go wrong. Governments at all levels are mandated to ensure that a correct balance is struck between unimpeded markets and the implementation of practical safeguards. And of course, the wider economy and job creation depend on the stability of the marketplace, and the investors and entrepreneurs working within it.




Legal and Regulatory Drafting for a National Telecommunications Regulator

Drafted and implemented changes to the national law, regulations and procedures for a National Telecommunications Regulatory authority as part of a contract with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This included organizational training and public relations.


Legal Advice for Major Transportation Project

Provided legal advice to Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc., the public entity created to procure the Canada Line light rail project in Vancouver B.C.


Alternate Dispute Resolution Program for a Canadian Provincial Government Agency

Developed detailed strategy recommendations for an online Alternative Dispute Resolution program, including best practice guidelines for implementation and public communications for a British Columbia Government Agency (Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority).


Quality of Service Regulation for a British Communciations Regulator

Conducted research, legal and policy recommendations, and communications for a Quality of Service public consultation process (related to telecommunications services) for a British Government Regulator (OFCOM - Office of Communications).


Advanced Legislative Change on Debt Collection Practices for a Canadian Provincial Regulator

Working with the Debt Collection Industry Advisory Group in British Columbia, advanced detailed changes to the governing Act following consultation, research and government engagement processes. Developed and clarified the wording of both the regulation and policy.


Research and Policy Recommendations for a National Competition Regulator

Conducted research and delivered policy recommendations on number portability for telecommunications in Jamaica. Delivered related public affairs strategy for the Jamaican Communications Regulator (Office of Utilities Regulation) and Inter-American Development Bank.


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