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C3 Policy Consulting possesses a deep and varied Regulatory Policy Development background creating new models of regulation. We are able to provide a multidisciplinary approach incorporating research and analysis, legal and regulatory expertise, technical knowldege, business acumen, top class communications services, and strategic policy delivery. We advise on new or existing policy and regulatory projects, resurrect struggling programs and help ensure sustainability while offering a constructively critical voice and acting as your professional sounding board. We can also assist with public perception, executive oversight and governance.

Below you will find examples of key projects we have completed for clients over the last few years. If you would like more information about the work we have done please feel free to get in touch. We'd be happy to provide you with more examples of our projects.



Legal and Regulatory Drafting for a National Telecommunications Regulator

Drafted and implemented changes to the national law, regulations and procedures for a National Telecommunications Regulatory authority as part of a contract with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This included organizational training and public relations.


Quality of Service Regulation for a British Communciations Regulator

Conducted research, legal and policy recommendations, and communications for a Quality of Service public consultation process (related to telecommunications services) for a British Government Regulator (OFCOM - Office of Communications).


Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for a Canadian Market Regulator

Created a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Communications Plan for the BC Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority. Developed a corporate relations approach and recommended plan for execution of the organization’s stakeholder engagement activities.


Law, Regulation and Procedure Development for a National Regulator

Drafted changes to the national law, regulations and procedures pertaining to telecommunication services for a Saudi Arabian Government Agency (Universal Service Fund Agency).


Legal Advice for a Provincial Health Authority

Provided legal advice to a B.C. Health authority on its consultation and accommodation obligations with relevant First Nations regarding property development.


Process Design and Staff Training for a National Regulator

Developed Best Practice guidelines for public consultations, consumer complaints and disputes and data privacy for a National Government Regulatory Agency (Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia). Provided staff training on new process design. Project funded through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Alternate Dispute Resolution Program for a Canadian Provincial Government Agency

Developed detailed strategy recommendations for an online Alternative Dispute Resolution program, including best practice guidelines for implementation and public communications for a British Columbia Government Agency (Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority).


Counsel to a Provincial Health Agency

Provided legal counsel to the BC Cancer Agency and Provincial Health Services Authority regarding the construction and operation of the Cancer Centre in Prince George, B.C.


Regulatory Requirements for Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

Strategy and audit project for a British Government Regulator (OFCOM - Office of Communciations) on their Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. Designed regulatory procedures on Dispute Resolution processes for industry and government approved ombudsman agencies.


Published a Process Manual for Industry Self-Regulation

Developed and published a manual on Self-Regulation for industry, and delivered related presentations for a British Not-for-Profit consumer advocacy organization (National Consumer Council).


Corporate Identity and Brand Messaging for an International Olympic Sponsor

Provided corporate identity and brand messaging guidelines for a multi-organizational Olympic Sponsorship program. Provided oversight to ensure all stakeholders adhered to approved brand and public communications guidelines.


Stakeholder Engagement and Communications for a Government Agency
Developed a report on worldwide Universal Access and Service programs for a Saudi Arabian Government Agency (Universal Service Fund Agency) and delivered a series of related presentations and communications material to stakeholder groups. Developed corresponding public communications materials.


Research and Policy Recommendations for a National Competition Regulator

Conducted research and delivered policy recommendations on number portability for telecommunications in Jamaica. Delivered related public affairs strategy for the Jamaican Communications Regulator (Office of Utilities Regulation) and Inter-American Development Bank.


Developed a Funding Program for a Public-Private Partnership

Strategy, writing and communications work for a Kenyan Government Department and The World Bank. Developed a program with recommendations for a Digital Village Fund to increase broadband access to rural areas.


Brand Image and Public Relations Plan for a new PPP Organization

Produced a brand image and public relations plan for a newly formed Public-Private Infrastructure organization. Provided a visual corporate identity, public relations material and a media communications plan.


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