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No Grumbling!

This past week we've had three elections that I'm aware of: provincial elections in PEI and Alberta, and a national election in Great Britain. Of course the results were mixed depending on which part of the political spectrum one finds one's self. Here in BC, we're working our way through a plebiscite on the future of our regional transportation network. I suppose this is to elect an idea rather than a person.

Democracy is wonderful. Lest we forget this fact. And all of this choice is occuring during the week of the 70th anniversary of VE Day. Without such a victory against Nazism, these choices wouldn't exist today. Which brings me round to the title of this blog: No Grumbling!

If you don't vote then you cannot grumble. In the cases of the elections noted above, 86% turned out in PEI, 58% in Alberta and 66% in the UK. It is expected that a much lower percent will vote on the transit issue. Yet with all of these decisions, the impact is going to be felt by each and every person - and could be generational. Not voting is the height of laziness and it can even be seen as a snub to those who fought for such rights in the last century. Yes it is a right, but I wonder if it should also be a duty.



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