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We help our clients achieve buy-in and establish consensus agreements from key stakeholders, at any stage in a project.


Successful regulatory policy can't be created through grand political decrees or shuffled into existence through the back door. Good policy reflects the interests of all stakeholder groups, and serves to protect and enhance the markets they operate in. Proper research and analysis, a clear consultation process, open and ongoing communications, and precise recommendations with an awareness of impacts are all core components of successful policy change.


We welcome you to take advantage of our impartial, pragmatic and skillful team who can generate trust and comfort while clearly setting expectation and positive outcomes.

We help our clients achieve buy-in and establish consensus agreements from key stakeholders, at any stage in a project. We help you generate trust.




It is best to drive change forward with your stakeholders' agreement and understanding already in place. To avoid unexpected impediments, it is essential that the correct groups are identified, engaged and brought on-side swiftly. There are many ways of engaging the correct people and this can depend on the make-up of a stakeholder group, as well as the appetite for change. It is important to consider that a custom plan which is implemented by senior facilitators will often save time and money in the long run.





Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for a Canadian Market Regulator

Created a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Communications Plan for the BC Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority. Developed a corporate relations approach and recommended plan for execution of the organization’s stakeholder engagement activities.


Stakeholder Engagement and Communications for Middle Eastern Government
Developed a report on worldwide Universal Access and Service programs for a Saudi Arabian Government Agency (Universal Service Fund Agency) and delivered a series of related presentations and communications material to stakeholder groups. Developed corresponding public communications materials.

Developed a Client Engagement Plan for a Leading Canadian Law Firm

Delivered a new client engagement stragegy and plan for a national Canadian Business Law Firm. This included client feedback mechanisms, client seminars and events, online resources and tools, and industry roundtables. 


Stakeholder Engagement and Communications for a British Government Agency

Provided ongoing support for an industry-backed initiative providing comparable quality of service data to consumers as part of a national regulatory requirement. Developed testing methodologies for telecommunication service providers and managed the communication of results through a custom website, hard copies and media realtions.









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